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Knowledge Management Training Bundle - PPTX

Knowledge Management Training Bundle - PPTX

Knowledge Management Module 1-4: 

  • KM1 Fundamentals of Knowledge Management
  • KM2 Knowledge Management and the Organization
  • KM3 Knowledge Management Strategy
  • KM4 Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques


Format: Zip file (including 4 PPTX files) 

Total: 247 slides 

Language: English 


Please click on the example videos above to see some Training Slides Samples before purchase. 


Topics Covered:


Module 1 - Fundamentals of Knowledge Management 

  • What is Knowledge?
  • The Knowledge Pyramid
  • Two Main Types of Knowledge
  • Organizational Knowledge-Creation Process
  • The benefit of Knowledge Management
  • Top 10 KM Best Practices


Module 2 - Knowledge Management and the Organization

  • The Changing Organizational Environment
  • Knowledge Management in Organizations
  • Barriers to Knowledge Management
  • The Knowledge Management Environment
  • Principles of the Knowledge Enterprise Model
  • Knowledge Management and Organizational Culture
  • Key Areas of Knowledge Management project 
  • Emerging Knowledge Management Trends in Organizations
  • Summary of Key Learning Points


Module 3 - Knowledge Management Strategy

  • What is a KM Strategy?
  • Two Main KM Strategies
  • Developing a Knowledge Management Strategy
  • Approaches to KM Strategy
  • Selecting a KM Strategy
  • The K-SWOT Framework
  • KM Strategy Implementation
  • Approaches for Monitoring and Evaluating KM Strategies


Module 4 - Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques

  • The Goal of Knowledge Transfer
  • Overview of Knowledge Transfer Practices
  • Best Practices
  • Communities of Practice
  • Mentoring
  • On-the-Job Training
  • Storytelling
  • Rapid Evidence Review


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  • FAQs

    Q: What formats are supported?


    A: Our material comes in two formats: PDF and PPT (Editable version). Please do check the preferred version before purchase. (PDF and PPT version have different price)


    Q: After purchase, can I share online PDF training material with others?


    A: No. The purchased training material is intended for your own usage.  Without authorization or the consent of the copyright owners, you are not permitted to sell or share the purchased PDF training material with others. However, you will be able to print hard copies from the purchased PDF training material whenever you need it. 


    Q: Can I edit the PPT format of the training materials?


    A: Certainly. Easily make any changes to the material you purchase. You will receive an unlocked PowerPoint file that you may use to edit or even export to other formats of your choice (e.g. PDF). We intend to make it easy for you to use and localize the content to meet your training needs.


    Q: Is there any annual renewal fees? 


    A: No. There is no annual renewal fee. This course comes with a perpetual license, which means once you purchase it, you never have to pay anything ever again.


    Q: Can I return the purchased training material and request a refund?


    A: Customer satisfaction is important to us. However, we are offering non-tangible irrevocable digital products delivered via online download. Therefore, we do not offer refund once the order is completed and the product download link is shared.


    If you face any difficulty downloading or opening our E-material, please feel free to contact us for technical support.

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